With more than 20 years experience flying UAV and RC Helicopters, I can get the arial shots you need


We are not just flyers, we can get those quality indoor realestate shots that really stand out


Why send a person into a dangerous situation when a machine can do it?  With increasing regulations and rule from OSHA and MSHA to automate and keep personnel safe, this is your perfect tool to automate your inspection process.


Whether its a cell tower, Power generating wind tubine, Rail lines, farming operation or industrial plant facility, we can handle all your aerial video inspection needs.



Humble Beginnings

Turning Hobby Into Profession

As a young man, i found my love of flying RC planes and helicoptors when my foster brother built planes from scratch and took us with him to fly.  As time wore on, i explored my love of all things remote controlled from gas and electric cars and trucks to high flying electric and gas heli's.  Building upon that love, I eventually purchased my first quadcopter equipped with a basic camera just to see what i could see from the air.  Then, as a worker in a refinery one day, I met a gentleman that was hired to fly his "toy" to take video in order to inspect a tower.  I began that day, planning to build upon my knowledge and skill as a remote pilot and make my passion into my full time job.  

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